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Games are much sort after not only by kids, elders do play games either for fun or for money, There have been the practise of bets for long years. When a person bets on something we find the person either winning his money or losing the whole money. If he wins it could be double, treble or more of what he had spent. But if he loses it will be only the money he had spent. People like to take chances on these bets as the winning prize will be too high compared to what he had spent. This doesn’t need any hard work, but if they win it will be a jackpot. Some people become too addicted to these kinds of games. A small win makes the person to bet again for a jackpot or if he has lost he would like to try his luck again. One such kind of game is the สล็อตฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำแตกง่าย  . In this game the reel is rotated to get a certain combination which the player had bet upon before the start of the rotation. If he gets the exact combination he is declared the winner. But purely this rotation is based on chance and nobody can predict the outcome anytime. Now with the introduction of computers it has become even more difficult to predict the outcome.

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There were chances of cheating when the reel was rotated manually. Now the computer picks up the symbol for each reel one by one. So there is no chance of cheating and there is no chance or relating the outcome with previous jackpot etc.  The disadvantage of playing slot games is that they are played in a much faster speed than any other table games. So the money you bet is sucked very fast and you will not know how much you have lost in a short period. The popularity of this game is because of the jackpot which you are likely to win. Because in a table game like black jack you could hardly win $8 when you bet $5 but when you bet on a slot machine you could win thousands or millions. That is why people don’t mind losing quite a sum to get a jackpot. But the risk factor is higher because the probability of getting the winning combination is very less. The reel games are played online these days as they are free.